Innoveo Limited is a young and d

Innoveo Limited is a young and dynamic organisation that specialises in providing innovative filler systems and extenders for the Flooring & Wall, Paints and Composites sectors.

In depth technical and commercial knowledge of these markets is one the greatest assets of Innoveo and coupled with its comprehensive product portfolio, Innoveo does not only offer ‘products’, it also offers the know-how and the technical assistance to its customers.

Innoveo Limited is the sole agent of Gebrüder Dorfner GmbH & Co in UK & Ireland.

With over a 100 years’ history Dorfner mines, processes and refines minerals such as kaolin, feldspar and crystal quartz sands, that are treasured by over 3000 customers in 42 countries. Dorfner is considered as a market leader in paper, glass, ceramic and building industries as well as paints, adhesives and composites markets. With its heritage and reputation for quality and innovation, Dorfner’s fillers continue to bring the competitive edge to its customers all around the world.


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